Safety First – Tips for electricity safety at home

electricity safety

At Royalty Plumbing and Gas, we understand that nothing heightens your safety concerns more than starting a family. Suddenly, you become conscious of all the risks and dangers in your day-to-day life, many of which can be found right in your home. 

Electricity is one of the most dangerous aspects of your home. Avoid the hazards of faulty installation, improper grounding, incorrect operation and poor maintenance of electrical equipment with these key tips.

Look after appliance cords

Keep electrical appliances and their cords away from water. Ensure cords are in good condition – if they’re worn or frayed, don’t use the appliance until it’s been repaired by a licensed electrician.

Only ever disconnect an appliance at the outlet by pulling the plug, not the cord. and always switch the power off first.

Avoid piggy-back or ‘double adaptor’ connections

Overloading can occur if too many cords are connected to outlets designed for only one or two plugs. Use power boards with in-built safety devices to avoid a power outlet overload.

Childproof your outlets

Use childproof plugs in electrical outlets to deter children from poking small items into them.

Look out for water leaks

Water is an conductor of electricity. If water leaks into the light or power points in your home, the result can be seriously dangerous. As soon as you notice a water leak, have it repaired by a licensed plumber.

Install RCD safety switches

Have safety switches installed at your meter box. As a general rule, electrical equipment should only be used when connected to a safety switch. Since 2000, it has been compulsory for all new homes to have a minimum of two RCD Safety Switches What are RCD Safety Switches?

But most importantly…Get a licensed electrician to do your wiring

Call a licensed electrician if you need any electrical installations or repairs, no matter how minor the job.

Royalty Plumbing, Gas & Electrical offer 24-hour emergency services. Our fully licensed and trained tradespeople are ready to help you with whatever plumbing, electrical or gas problem you have.