If your household flexi hoses are over 5 years old, replace them now!

These under-the-sink accessories are popular and convenient, but they can cause a lot of damage if they are not installed correctly or if you neglect to maintain them.

There are a few reasons why a flexi hose may burst — but generally the 2 main culprits tend to be: the age of the flexi hose – most hoses have a life span of five years and incorrect installation – over tightening and over stretching can also cause the flexi hose to fail.

What should you do if I have flexi hoses installed?

Simply look for signs of ageing: Warning signs for faulty flexi hoses include rust spots, bulging sections on the metal exterior and fraying or kinking. Make sure to do regular checks of your flexi hoses and feel along the outer casing for any signs of damage. If you suspect a fault, contact a plumber immediately.

Make sure they are still under warranty: Royalty Plumbing & Gas use only flexible braided hoses that have a reasonable warranty period. Track warranty periods on your hoses so you can replace them within a reasonable, safe time frame. The collar of the hose will have an expiry date. Note if you store chemicals under the sink, your hoses could be at risk of damage well before the expiry date.

Flexible braided hoses are widely used in Aussie homes everywhere and everyone should be aware of their potential to cause serious water damage. 

With regular checks, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding unnecessary damage, insurance claims and time-consuming repairs to your property.

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